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101450029Matt SimonThe Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar: Evolution's Most Unbelievable Solutions to Life's Biggest Problems2016-10-25EPUB11/30/2016 7:15:17 AMtopron
101441414Tadashi Kawai, Neil CumberlidgeA Global Overview of the Conservation of Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans2016-10-27PDF11/29/2016 11:06:22 PMgestalt
101437173Jan VymazalNatural and Constructed Wetlands: Nutrients, heavy metals and energy cycling, and flow2016-08-27PDF11/29/2016 8:35:23 PMgestalt
101434961Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Huseyin Tombuloglu, Guzin TombulogluPlant Omics: Trends and Applications2016-08-24PDF11/29/2016 8:17:42 PMgestalt
101422234InderjitManagement of Invasive Weeds (Invading Nature - Springer Series in Invasion Ecology)2009-02-13pdf11/29/2016 4:59:35 PMtvladb77
101422028Fred KrausAlien Reptiles and Amphibians: a Scientific Compendium and Analysis (Invading Nature - Springer Series in Invasion Ecology)2009-02-13djvu11/29/2016 4:53:45 PMtvladb77
101421936Delivering Alien Invasive SpeciesHandbook of Alien Species in Europe (Invading Nature - Springer Series in Invasion Ecology)2008-12-05pdf11/29/2016 4:52:39 PMtvladb77
101421843Francesca GherardiBiological invaders in inland waters: Profiles, distribution, and threats (Invading Nature - Springer Series in Invasion Ecology)2007-10-04pdf11/29/2016 4:42:25 PMtvladb77
101421336James A. DrakeConceptual Ecology and Invasion Biology: Reciprocal Approaches to Nature (Invading Nature - Springer Series in Invasion Ecology)2006-06-14pdf11/29/2016 4:33:28 PMtvladb77
101418438Allen G. RodrigoComputational and Evolutionary Analysis of HIV Molecular Sequences2000-10-31pdf11/29/2016 1:56:21 PMtvladb77
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